Sunday, February 06, 2005

We're all victims of the Great Satan 

"Who are the U.S. soldiers occupying Iraq?" asks the "Tehran Times" in an anthropological exercise to find out just exactly who the enemies next door are.
"Well, most of them are not ideological and they are not the imperialist storm troopers or false Christian crusaders that they are made out to be, although some of their commanders and many Pentagon officials are."
Well, that's a relief. In many ways, the empathic "Times" muses, the American soldiers are victims of America, too:
"A large segment of these soldiers are from the inner city ghettoes of the United States and only joined the military because they saw it as a way out of poverty. Others are from the Bible Belt, an area in the U.S. South and Midwest that is a bastion of conservative Christian fundamentalism.

"Many young people from the Bible Belt also joined the military to escape poverty or to fund their university studies. Some of them even joined the military to get away from Christian fundamentalists.

"Ironically, these same youths who sought to flee a stiff fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity are now being killed by Al-Qaeda supporters with a stiff fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. If these young men from the Bible Belt know about the Najaf seminary, they probably prefer the fundamentalism of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and his followers, who are offering U.S troops a face-saving way to withdraw from Iraq."
A free yearly subscription to the "Teheran Times" to anyone who can find an American soldier who joined the armed forces to "get away from Christian fundamentalists."


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