Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Flag-waving babes bankrupt a country 

The Lebanese government is losing $15 million a day in lost revenue because of the ongoing political strikes and demonstrations. If that's the price of free Lebanon then it's worth paying.

Meanwhile, there is one industry that's booming in the current political climate:
Lebanese flags:

" 'In the whole history of Lebanon, we have never seen this demand,' said Ghassan Haddad, the general manager of a leading distributor.

"Haddad says he's sold at least 50,000 banners over the last 48 hours in the run up to Monday's massive demonstration that drew up to one million participants. Asked about his competition, Haddad shrugs: 'Today, there is no competition because there are no goods in the marketplace.'

"Like many distributors across the country, Haddad failed to capitalize fully on the surge in demand, falling short of requests for some 80,000 flags on the morning of that protest, believed to be Lebanon's largest to date."
Another industry booming - at least on the internet - is the pro-democracy babe watch. Yep, it's shallow, but it's fun.


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