Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday reading 

Mohammed at Iraq the Model writes about the Middle Eastern struggle of blogging against terror.

Little Green Football is
under attack from the Daily Kos.

"Los Angeles Times" has been
taken by a North Korean intelligence agent, writes Roger Simon who recognizes the script.

Vodka Pundit: so
Uday wanted to overthrow Saddam? And that would really have made it all better.

At Mudville Gazette, a
Vermont National Guardsman responds to town referenda.

Dean Esmay finds a group of Democrats "who are hoping to
steer their party away from radical anti-war activists and more toward an unapologetically pro-defense, pro-democracy foreign policy that rejects dovism and refuses to coddle dictators."

Ali at Free Iraqi writes that
Al Jazeera has a good effect on the Arab Street. An interesting perspective; as they say, from bad things good things grow.

At Winds of Change, the latest
winds of war.

Pacetown presents a fantastic story of Sudanese Christian refugees who are now returning to Sudan to
provide aid to people who in many cases persecuted them in the past.

L8r blog
defends "Million Dollar Baby" from political attacks.

Don't miss
Regime Change Iran's regular daily briefing on all things Iran. And regime change.

Fausta continues to follow up the mystery of the latest
kidnapped French journalist.


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