Friday, March 25, 2005

Hello, mujahid 

Put this one in the "I know I shouldn't laugh, but..." files. As you know from the previous installments of "Good news from Iraq", "Terror in the Hands of Justice" (what a great name!) is the new reality TV hit in Iraq, showing the true life confessions of captured insurgents and foreign terrorists. Today, I was reading yet another article about the show when I chanced upon this paragraph:
"Television program has discredited the mujaheddin and their professions of religious fervor by showing captured insurgents who said they were homosexuals -- still not a socially acceptable group in much of the Middle East. As a result, the word mujahid 'once worn as a badge of pride by anti-American insurgents has become street slang for homosexuals'."
Now that so many on the left are having second "could Bush be right, after all?" thoughts, there is only one way for the insurgents to win back moral support among the Western progressives: come out (so to speak) announce they're fighting for the same-sex marriage in Iraq.


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