Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just like the Bourbons, they learn nothing and forget nothing 

Today we celebrate the second anniversary of the left failing to learn anything, again.

Around the world, crowds have gathered to protest the continuing war and occupation in Iraq. The protesters demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops and the withdrawal of democracy out of Iraq.

Just kidding. Or maybe not.

Reports the "New York Times" (with a hint of disappointment?):
"Two years after the American-led invasion of Iraq, relatively small crowds of demonstrators - the home guard of the antiwar movement - mobilized yesterday in New York, San Francisco and cities and towns across the nation to condemn the war and demand the withdrawal of allied forces.

"Thousands joined similar protests in European cities. On both sides of the Atlantic, the protests were passionate but largely peaceful, and nowhere near as big as those in February 2003, just before the war, when millions around the world marched to urge President Bush not to attack."
In London, a bit of an anti-war flop: 100,000 or even 250,000 were expected. "With rumours of an attack on Iran in June and the demonstration being a matter of weeks before the general election it would be fantastic to have many hundreds of thousands of people expressing their anti-war sentiment," said the rally's organizer Stop The War Coalition on its website, switching its attention to defending another endangered Middle Eastern tyranny (sorry, a democracy where we give you a wide range of mullah-approved hardliners to vote for).

Never mind; in the end somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 showed up. The highlight of the event must have been a speech by Laurence Wong, a teacher living in London, who was far ahead of the Stop The War Coalition curve: "I want to stop the war, I am from China and we are probably next on (Bush's) list after Syria and Iran."

Strangely quiet was the "Arab Street" - I can't find any mention of Iraqis protesting their liberation, and neither can I find any stories about anti-war and anti-occupation rallies anywhere else throughout the Middle East (with exception of several hundred people protesting in Turkey). Perhaps they're all too busy rallying for democracy and against their own governments.


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