Saturday, March 12, 2005

The last postcard from Afghanistan 

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Our Afghanistan (photo)blogging correspondent Maj John Tammes from the Bagram Air Base is leaving Afghanistan soon. Before he signs off, he writes:
"Our replacements have just arrived, and I have not much longer here. I wanted to pass along one final photo for you: – one of all our eventual replacements here. This is an ANA (Afghan National Army) soldier in the Zin Ghar (mountains south of here) taken a few months back. He and his fellow ANA soldiers have been trained and equipped by the US and the Coalition, and are usually fairly tough and combat experienced. They are taking more and more responsibility for the defense of Afghanistan over time."
Good luck to the "eventual replacement" in keeping Afghanistan safe and secure. Thank you to Maj Tammes for his contribution to this blog, but much more importantly, thank you to him and his brothers-in-arms for their contribution to the cause of freedom. We're but scribes and spectators, they are the doers. My hat off to them.


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