Sunday, March 20, 2005

Life imitates Steyn 

Mark Steyn, in December 2003:
"Wolfowitz is a demonic figure to the anti-war types for little reason other than that his name begins with a big scary animal and ends Jewishly."
A year and a half later, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart outdoes himself:
"Wolfowitz, whose name manages the rare feat of sounding both ferocious and Jewy –- it’s not easy..."
If you missed it, here's the transcript and here's the video.

As Stewart remained his viewers, "Wolfowitz... has no background in economics and is best known as the architect of the War on Iraq. Yet he’s been tapped to replace current World Bank president, James Wolfensohn." Stewart also laughed off President Bush's contention that Wolfowitz is qualified to run the World Bank because he was involved in running a similarly large organization, the Pentagon.

Stewart, being the resident intellectual powerhouse at the Comedy Central, obviously has higher standards than London "Times" which not that long ago came out in favor of U2's singer Bono for the World Bank job: "Bono has international credibility, a keen understanding of development issues and, through his mega-earnings with U2, a handle on money."

Had that come to pass, I'm sure Stewart would have been rolling on the floor with laughter. Then again, maybe not; after all it's Bono, not Bonstein.

Update: Although as Polipundit reminds me, Stewart can be harsh on Bono, too.


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