Sunday, March 27, 2005

Media resistance begins to crack after elections 

It must really hurt them to say it. From today's arch-lefty Brit "Guardian": "Iraqi resistance begins to crack after elections":
"The Iraqi resistance has peaked and is 'turning in on itself', according to recent intelligence reports from Baghdad received by Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.

"The reports are the most optimistic for several months and reflect analysts' sense that recent elections in Iraq marked a 'quantum shift'. They will boost the government in the run-up to the expected general election in May.

"Though the reports predict that violence against coalition troops and local forces is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, at least two Middle Eastern intelligence agencies believe that recent 'backchannel' initiatives aimed at persuading Sunni Muslim tribes in western Iraq to cease their resistance are meeting with some success.

"The talks are aimed at driving a wedge between so-called Iraqi nationalist elements of the resistance and radical Islamic militants."
The article goes to list several recent incidents familiar to readers of this blog, including the recent "when Baghdadi shopkeepers counter-attack" incident, as well as the al-Dulaimi tribe vigiliantism and the election day "it takes a village" action, all covered here - which shows that if the "New York Times" isn't quite keeping track, then at least the intelligence agencies quoted by "Guardian" are.


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