Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday reading 

Ain't the blogosphere grand? I don't have time to bring you updates on what's going on in all the interesting - and under-reported - places around the world; but others do. Registan has some on-the-ground dispatches from Kyrgyzstan (Gateway Pundit has more). Publius Pundit rounds up the news from Moldova and Lebanon. Daily Pundit blogs about dynamic between France, Lebanon and Syria. Bloggledygook has a Ukraine round-up. And, as always, don't miss Regime Change Iran's daily briefing.

Bill Roggio looks at the proposals to make the Democratic Party more credible on defence issues.

Lorie Byrd at Polipundit says goodbye to Dan Rather - it's been a long time coming. PunditGuy has more thoughts.

The democratic revolution - John Hawkins collects the memorable quotes.

Crossroads Arabia, having read my interview, disagrees with Stephen Schwartz (there's discussion of Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia at Daily Pundit, too).

Peaktalk, meanwhile, having read my post about an encouraging opinion poll in Indonesia, is skeptical.

Bloggledygook brings you the untold story of Ukrainian TapeGate: Borys Feldman and his ordeal inside Kuchma's regime.

Are less acculturated Latino youth living in the U.S. generally healthier? Fausta investigates the latest study.

Tom Elia writes about a journalist as rube.

Homespun Bloggers' 6th radio show is up!


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