Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday reading 

Mohammed at Iraq the Model passes his personal judgment on the second anniversary of the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At Powerline, a great tribute to Norman Podhoretz, who also happens to be one of my favorite neocons.

Roger Simon quotes a prediction he hopes will come true.

Stephen Green has found the proof that right-wing bloggers are more generous.

Dean Esmay encourages all Christians to have deep and meaningful conversations with observant Jews - you will be amazed what you will discover.

Greg Djereijan shares Tom Friedman's outrage.

The Belmont Club looks at what the UN could look like.

I haven't blogged or linked to any Schiavo stuff before, but here's an exception; a very good post by Captain Ed.

Pundit Guy has some nice things to say about the Dem Rep Conyers for defending bloggers, and asks whether there is a subtle media bias in reporting about Jeff Weise's rampage.

Bill Roggio continues to look at how we assess success in Iraq.

Joe Katzman looks at the politics behind the Bolton and Wolfowitz appointments.

Jeremy Chrysler alerts us to Sudan Mercy blog: "This site is dedicated to the extraordinary movement of reconciliation and mercy, of Sudanese Christians and the growing network of those working with them, to help them come to the rescue of refugees of Darfur. What is so unusual about this movement, is that the Muslims of Darfur made up half to three-quarters of the army that decimated the Christians of southern Sudan."

Citizen Blogger argues there are good reasons to have a Living Will. Michelle Malkin disagrees.

Quillnews thinks that oil prices would have been even worse had Saddam remained in power.

Fausta argues that Hugo Chavez is becoming the next T-shirt icon.

Seekerblog does a quick test of media bias.

Sgt Bill Epler at Epler Effect talks for the first time about his Iraqi experience.


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