Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday reading 

Bill Roggio makes the case for why China won't invade Taiwan.

Pundit Guy: is Websense blocking Fox News?

Joe Gandelman blogs about the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

Lorie at Polipundit has a message to Republican Senators on judicial nominees: don't screw it up.

Polish Immigrant reports that Oregon soldiers coming back from Iraq are talking about all the good things they've achieved in Iraq. And about how the media has let them down ("It seemed like they were trying to screw up the military.").

Bird's Eye View is hosting the new carnival of the vanities.

John Hawkins interviews Henry Copeland form Blogads.

At Peaktalk - democracy in the Middle East; be careful what you wish for.

Chase Me Ladies has some good news from Colombia.

The Word Unheard rounds up Lebanese bloggers. Here's one - Ya Libnan! - which will keep you up to date with all the news (hat tip: Brainster).

Philomathean wonders why new Apolacyptic TV series is being advertised in the "Scientific American".


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