Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday reading 

Armies of Liberation is asking you to support this Yemeni political prisoner.

Trey Jackson has more on the British torture reality TV.

No Pasaran notes that "France's 'Special Relationship' with the Arab world seems to be less appreciated by the masses than by their autocratic leaders".

Lots of interesting stuff at Crossroads Arabia - the winds of change might have been quite light so far, but they're starting to blow through the House of Saud - here's two examples of Saudi people demanding some accountability.

Fausta asks if Syria is trying to pressure France using hostages in Iraq.

Polipundit: "Republicans are calling for DNC Chairman Howard Dean to step down after he made insensitive remarks during a recent speech. So what right? How many times has a news story started this way? Too many times to count. There is one important difference this time though. The insensitive remarks were made during a meeting of the DNC Black Caucus, and the Republicans are African Americans from Mississippi."

Transatlantic Intelligencer caches a speech by Joschka Fisher and notes that the German government has a rather different idea of how to deal with the mullah regime than the Americans.

At 911 Families for America, the organization's founder Timothy Sumner takes on Michael "Anonymous" Scheuer.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has an interesting backgrounder on the Muslim victims of jihadi terror.

Bruce Chang writes about leftism and Islam, and the problem of coping with modernity.

In the Bullpen blogs about Lynn Stewart and the letter by Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman smuggled from prison.


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