Monday, March 28, 2005

Today's Person Getting Far Too Much Attention Than They Deserve... 

...is Sam Kimery, the creator of a cute little device called "the Fox Blocker", which when installed on the back of your TV set, blocks Fox News channel. So far, about 100 such devices have been sold.

Most people already have a Fox Blocker: it's called a remote control. I imagine that there are a few sad individuals among the 100 who have installed the device for the same reason many concerned parents install porn blockers; to prevent their children from being exposed to dangerous filth that can corrupt their impressionable young minds. Most others, I imagine, bought the Fox Blocker as a novelty, to spice up their dinner party conversations about the sad state of Bushhitler's Amerika.

Equally sad are the few who apparently made death threats against Kimery, thus transforming a loser into a victim.

People, get yourselves some lives - preferably outside of television.

(hat tip: just about everyone, including Drudge, Tim Blair, and Roger Simon).


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