Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday reading 

Tim Blair presents the new cross-over country hit, "My momma was a moonbat / Daddy was a Navy SEAL."

Vodka Pundit has some
words of advice for the first blogger in the White House press corp.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News
interviews Michelle Malkin. Don't miss it.

Bill Roggio fisks Daniel Okrent and the "New York Times" on the
militant/terrorist dichotomy.

Transatlantic Intelligencer watches Berlin Film Festival award its top prize to a
sympathetic portrayal of a suicide bomber.

Pundit Guy asks: would you become a Dukes of Hazzard expert
for $100,000?

How many dissident leaders does Iran have?
At least 565, says Regime Change Iran.

No Pasaran blogs about
the death penalty and international opinion - whether they are against it depends on the country applying it.

Decision 08 takes a look at the
Harry Truman and Howard Dean factions of the Democratic Party and concludes: one of you has to move out...

Astute Blogger discusses Bush's
Lebanese squeeze play.

Logical Meme watches
Bill Moyers become unhinged.


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