Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wednesday reading 

"My friend, Phil, thinks I'll really hit the bigtime when I get blog-groupies who send photos. Since he's the only one who's sent me one *shudder*, I don't think that I've made it quite yet." Blackfive celebrates the rise of MilBloggers and reveals a few things about himself.

Is Charles Johnson the one who first came up with
"chinless opthalmologist"? I don't know, but it's good.

At Dean's World:
a democracy or a republic? Both.

Ali at Free Iraqi keeps up quality and quantity output. Check out his long posts of
Wahhabism in Iraq and what breeds terrorism in the Middle East.

Greyhawk blogs about
selling flags as relics.

Seeker Blog asks:
is Stratfor credible? A long and worthwhile post.

Steve Green is on the vacation and
teenagers have taken over the house and the liquor cabinet at Vodka Pundit (hat tip: Pundit Guy).

John Kerry thinks it's merely a branding problem and Edward Kennedy proposes exporting democracy through food.
No, the Dems don't have a national security image problem. At the New Editor.

Logical Meme asks:
does television cause conservatives?

Decision '08 thinks that
Hillary remains the Dem to beat.

Tom Heard has some
words of wisdom from a Romanian journalist on what truly unites America.

The Right Report has an inspirational story about
taking care of our bravest.


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