Monday, March 14, 2005

You don't say 

The pain in Spain continues:

"One year after the worst terrorist attack in Spanish history, the Spanish police continue to uncover and thwart new plots involving Islamic militants, according to senior Spanish intelligence and law enforcement officials.

"Despite sweeping measures to improve their ability to investigate potential terrorism since the bomb attacks that killed 191 people on March 11, 2004, and one police officer in the aftermath, the officials estimate that there are hundreds of people scattered in cells around the country committed to attacking centers of power in Spain."
Really? But I thought that Spain was attacked a year ago because of its military support for the United States in Iraq, and having subsequently withdrawn its troops she was now safe from Al Qaeda's hostility. Just shows you how naive I am.

It seems a partial surrender is not the answer; Islamofascists, being the political absolutists that they are, will not be satisfied with anything less than total submission. Hence their criticism of the three-day terrorism talkfest taking place in Madrid on the first anniversary of the bombing.
Says Al Zarqawi's group:

"How many times do the infidels meet in solidarity against Islam and jihad (holy struggle) ... and stand in the same trench with one thing on their minds; to fight Muslims and abuse them... No matter what you prepare, o you infidels, you will be defeated and will never be victorious because God has promised us victory."
Many in the Muslim world might indeed sympathize with terrorists because they resent aspects of the American foreign policy such as the support for the state of Israel or the military involvement in the Middle East. However, what many in the West fail to understand is that "solving" problems like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might eliminate some of the moral support the terrorists currently enjoy but it won't eliminate terrorism itself.


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