Thursday, April 21, 2005

Born under a dark star 

One great thing about having my birthday on April 21, is the great company I keep. I have particularly in mind Hitler on April 20 and Lenin on April 22. As reluctant I am to expand this bountiful horizon, I'm reminded of Kim Il Sung's birthday on April 15 and Saddam's on April 28. Indeed, I have once read somewhere that astrologers consider the period of mid to late April to be somewhat ominous, with birthday boys and girls over those two or so weeks said to have been "born under a dark star".

Outside of the "dark star" period, may I also remind you of another one of my fellow Taureans, Karl Marx, on May 5, and a Taurus/Gemini combination Pol Pot on May 22.

Should you feel sorry for me, spare a thought for Jesus, surrounded by Stalin on December 21 and Mao on December 26 (the old Christian tradition, however, actually puts the birth of Christ in early January).

April 21 itself, seems to be thankfully bloodthirsty dictator-free: Charlotte Bronte, Anthony Quinn, Iggy Pop, Tony Danza, Andie MacDowell, as well as Queen Elizabeth II, still the Queen of Australia, as well as Robert Smith of one of my favorite 1980s Goth bands, the Cure.


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