Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Clinton goes out on an outing 

Political consultant Arthur Finkelstein launches an anti-Hillary Clinton "Stop Her Now" campaign.

Bill Clinton responds, in a now sadly all-too-typical Democrat way: Finkelstein is a self-loathing fag.

"Finkelstein married his male partner in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts in December, with a few of his conservative clients at the nuptial.

"'... He went to Massachusetts and married his longtime male partner and then he comes back here and announces this,' Clinton said at a Harlem news conference.

" 'I thought, one of two things. Either this guy believes his party is not serious, and is totally Machiavellian in his position, or there's some sort of self-loathing there. I was more sad for him'."
Welcome back to identity politics, where who you sleep with determines how you vote. It somehow never seems to occur to people like Clinton (or Kerry) that 1) there is more to a person than their sexual orientation, 2) it's insulting to cast homosexuals as bigger single-issue voters than any other demographic, and that 3) one doesn't have to agree with the 100 per cent of a party's policy platform to support that party (hell, if that was the case, we would have 80% of all voters registered as independents).

Clinton, of course, can't point his finger and just say "he's a homosexual" because these things are only supposed to matter to those homophobic Republicans, and he can't say "he's a Republican homosexual" because that would be a bit too tacky and too obvious, but he can always say "he's a self-loathing homosexual", which 1) has the advantage of saying "he's a Republican homosexual" (yeeks!) without actually saying it, 2) aims to discredit Finkelstein in the eyes of those "bigoted right-wingers", 3) for those on your own side who worship "authenticity", it indicates the biggest sin of all - fakiness, and 4) since all real homosexuals are left-wing, it casts Finkelstein in the role of a sell-out, betrayer and a renegade - an Uncle Tom (coming soon, a new classic of American literature: "Uncle Tom's Log Cabin Republicans").

In the new Democrat strategy book you no longer need to kill the messenger, you only have to out him.

(hat tip:
Drudge and James Taranto)


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