Friday, April 01, 2005

Every day is a scream 

Via James Taranto's Best of the Web (the original link, alas, requires registration), the news of another great performance by the DNC Chairman Howard Dean at a party fund-raiser:

"Dean, a former Vermont governor and former Democratic presidential candidate, called Santorum, a Republican who is up for reelection in Pennsylvania in 2006, a 'liar' and 'right-winger' who actually lives in Virginia.

'He doesn't tell the truth,' Dean told a gathering of about 150 at Bluezette on Market Street...

"Dean joked that Santorum should 'stay in Virginia,' although he added that the senator was 'too much of a right-winger for Virginia. How about Venezuela?'"
Venezuela is actually a bit like Vermont of South America. Seeing that the country is ruled by the arch-lefty America-basher and Castro-lover Hugo Chavez, how about some foreign policy briefings for the man who wanted to be the President?

In an unrelated headline, also quoted today by James Taranto:
"Vermont considers doctor-assisted suicide".

Of the Democratic Party?

Dean, by the way, is
heading down to Australia. Thanks a lot, guys.


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