Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday reading 

Stephen Green is happy that the latest "Star Wars" might not be kiddied-down.

Tim Blair notes now that an American is involved in Food for Oil, the media will cover the story to death.

Don't miss Ali's piece on the second anniversary of the liberation of Baghdad.

Blackfive apologizes to Eason Jordan.

Bill Roggio takes a look at the insurgent assault on Fort Gannon.

Publius Pundit has the latest from Ukraine.

Bloggledygook celebrates his Hungarian heritage: who put the Hun in Hungarian?

GeoPolitical Review investigates evidence that the UN falsified the report about its peacekeepers in Congo.

At Sophist Pundit, the first Carnival of Revolutions is up.

Chester reviews the new film, "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"

Pundit Guy analyzes a new opinion poll in favor of blog censorship.

Bruce Chang blogs about the need for more Taiwanese self-defense.

Random Probabilities continues to pursue the story of a possible sale of WMD materials by Spain to Venezuela.

John Rosenthal observes the strange love affair between one of Belgium's most popular newspapers and the Iraqi "resistance."

Tom Elia witnesses David Horowitz's encounter with the "tolerant" left at the University of Texas, Austin, campus.


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