Friday, April 15, 2005

Left-wing logic 

Reading through the comments to my post about the discovery of new mass graves in Iraq, which generated a great deal of debate between new anti-war visitors directed here by MSNBC and some of the pro-liberation regulars, I was once again reminded of one of the staple arguments against going into Iraq. It has two variants - both infuriate me to no end:

"Dictator X is/was worse than Saddam - why didn't we invade his country?"
"There are many dictatorships around the world - so why pick on Iraq?"
Next time you're on the receiving end of this sort of an argument, most likely from one of your left-wing friends, try this response:

"Global warming is the main environmental problem facing us today; I think we should concentrate our resources on fighting it, instead of spending any money on combating air pollution [or any other environmental cause]."
Or try this:

"There are so many challenges in our society: the growing gap between the rich and the poor, corporate greed running amok, sex discrimination, racism, and same-sex couples still can't legally marry [to mention just a few]. Because we can't solve all these problems at the same time, we shouldn't try to solve any of them."
When you hear "but, but, but..." in response, start running.


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