Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mr Zhao goes to Washington 

I apologize to my American friends on behalf of my over-enthusiastic compatriot, Mr Zhao:
"A Sydney man has told how he had wanted to discuss architecture and the weather with US President George W Bush but had ended up creating a major security scare in Washington.

"Wen Hao Zhao, 33, said he had not wanted to cause alarm when he stood outside the Capitol building in Washington DC on Tuesday with two suitcases by his side and demanded to speak to the US president.

"Mr Zhao told reporters at Sydney airport he had not enjoyed living in Australia and had wanted to raise his concerns and chat generally with Mr Bush. 'Just to speak about normal topics like weather, like architecture and buildings,' he said. 'Basic things about his family, his daughters about myself'."
I guess if you don't enjoy living in Australia, creating a security incident and getting deported back is not a particularly smart way to go about things. Also, it pays to do some basic homework and find out that the President doesn't actually live in the Capitol building. On the other hand, it's amazing to think that early in the US history, people could walk from the street into the White House and ask to see the President. How much times have changed.
"[Arriving back to Australia] Mr Zhao walked off the United Airlines flight from San Francisco carrying the remnants of his luggage that security officers had blown up fearing his suitcases contained explosives."
Almost makes me feel sorry for him.


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