Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not seeing the forest for the trees 

Compare and contrast:
"[Liberal Democrat leader] Charles Kennedy claimed voters had 'no reason to trust' Mr Blair, while [Conservative leader] Michael Howard repeated his claim that the prime minister was a liar - although he added in an interview with Sky News that he believed that the war was 'probably legal'."
"Iraq’s new president Jalal Talabani has today hailed British intervention in Iraq as one of the UK’s 'finest hours' as he sent a message of gratitude to Prime Minister Tony Blair and the nation’s troops. In a letter to Mr Blair, the Kurdish politician said history will judge him as a 'champion against tyranny'."
In this election, I'm with the Kurds.

Update: It seems that the people of Britain agree more with an Iraqi president than their own opposition leaders:
"British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party has stretched its lead over the main opposition Conservatives into double figures despite fresh anger about the Iraq war, a poll showed today.

"The NOP survey in The Independent pointed towards a record third straight landslide win for Labour at the May 5 poll, with its support base at 40 per cent, compared with 30 per cent for the Conservative Party and 21 per cent for the Liberal Democrats.

"The 10-point lead is double that enjoyed by Blair's party in the newspaper's previous poll a week earlier, with Labour gaining three points and the Conservatives slipping two. The Liberal Democrats remained unchanged."
That's not to say that the majority support the involvement in Iraq, but it doesn't seem that they will punish Blair for it, obviously coming to the conclusion that there is more to the election than just Iraq.

Looking at the result from another perspective, 70 per cent of the Brits intends to vote for the parties committed to keeping troops in Iraq in the near future.

The only major leaders of the Willing who appear to be in some trouble are Berlusconi, who lost badly in local elections a few weeks ago and yesterday managed to put together a new government, and Poland's post-communist social democrats who will be punished for some disastrous domestic policies rather than Iraq and most likely will be replaced by a center-right coalition which is just as much, of not more, committed to the Coalition.


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