Sunday, April 03, 2005

The salt of the earth 

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Some 15 kilometers from my city of birth, Krakow, there is a little town called Wieliczka, famous for its salt mine. At 700 years, it must be the oldest mine in Europe, if not the world, still in operation. But the Wieliczka mine is perhaps even better known for its salt sculptures, including a whole underground chapel carved out of salt - Kaplica Blogoslawionej Kingi, or the Blessed Kinga Chapel. This statue of John Paul II, needless to say made out of salt, stands at the back of the chapel (hat tip for the photo to Dan Foty).

The blogosphere, just like the rest of the media, is full of stories and commentary about John Paul II and all aspects of his life and papacy. For some of the round-ups, check out Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, and Pundit Guy.

And as Quillnews reminds us, the Pope was at it right till the end, the last official pronouncement he authorized being a release calling to world's attention the persecution and harassment of Catholics in China (the potential Christian future of China, and its implications, are a topic that never ceases to fascinate me).


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