Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday reading 

Tim Blair discovers a perfect place to take care of your troubled child.

911 Families for America's Tim Sumner gives the complete low-down on the "911 flag for sale" controversy - at Mudville Gazette.

Hindrocket at Powerline notes that the "Washington Post" is ducking responsibility.

Dean Esmay has a contest about Che.

Roger Simon continues to pursue the Oil for Food investigation.

Professor R J Rummel, whose work (on "death by government" in the 20th century) so many of us admire, not only has a new blog, but is also launching a freedomist revolution.

With Terri Schiavo now dead, it's still good time to get your facts straight about the case with John Hawkins' Q&A.

John Rosenthal blogs about France, Darfur and the International Criminal Court. John is also shocked at the American cave-in.

Fausta at Bad Hair Blog catches up with an unusual group of college students - those who care about human rights in Cuba.

Sophistpundit wants to start a Carnival of Revolutions - but he needs your help.

Iraqi Expat argues that the problem is not Islam - we should have more discussions like that.

Decision '08 has the exclusive on a new Democrat call for bi-partisanship.

The Fourth Annual War Poetry contest - with some attractive cash prizes - check it out.

Pundit Guy detects more subtle media bias - this time in the choice of the photos of Terri Schiavo - I noticed that too, but their use almost seems counter-intuitive.

Random Probabilities has an interesting insider account from Iraq by a guest milblogger (hat tip: Word Unheard, who also presents a new feature: The Fisker's Whiskers).

New York nuked by the Iranians - the controversial TV ad at Regime Change Iran.

Astute Blogger wonders who the next Pope might be.

Security Watchtower looks at some of the media spin surrounding the UN report about increasing child malnutrition in Iraq.

No Speed Bumps visualizes world peace - but only in a world without tyrants.

Quillnews argues that some otherwise cool head are putting America's energy future in danger.

At the VN/VO, a contrarian view: the revolution will not be blogged.

Kafirnifornia writes: "How can a Republican lose my vote, and lose it quickly? Bash immigrants."

On a new blog, An Ego Driven Life, Michael Schaefer asks, who will stand between sociopaths and our children?


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