Saturday, April 09, 2005

Shooting journalists 

Greyhawk is all over the story of a CBS cameraman arrested by the US forces in Iraq on suspicion of cooperating with the insurgents - gives a whole new meaning to the word "stringer", doesn't it? - thus arguably putting a stop to brilliant career that might have eventually led to a Pulitzer prize. In the future, why not cut out the middleman altogether and give the prize straight to the man who videotapes the beheadings; he classifies as part of the media, doesn't he?

In other media news, the Newspaper Guild-CWA and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has written to President Bush on the second anniversary of the Palestine Hotel incident, to "heed the requests from journalists around the world for an independent investigation into the record number of deaths among media staff covering the war in Iraq":
" 'We recognize, of course, that most journalists who die each year are killed by cruel extremists -- and we unequivocally condemn those attacks and the people behind them,' [President of TNG-CWA, Linda] Foley wrote.

"But the United States also must defend its 'traditions of liberty and justice by addressing the concerns of journalists around the world,' she added. The Pentagon's report about the Palestine Hotel tragedy, to date, has been inadequate and unconvincing, raising more questions than it resolved, her letter continued.

" 'Respect for a free and independent press is a critical component of the liberty that members of a democratic society enjoy,' [AFTRA National Director of News and Broadcast, Thomas R.] Carpenter wrote. 'More than ever, it is critical to protect the values of freedom, liberty and justice' by responding to the request of journalists and the worldwide organizations representing them for a thorough and independent investigation, he added."
The spirit of Eason Jordan leaves on. Record number of journalist deaths might have something to do with record number of journalists covering the insurgency and terror campaign, but there obviously many in the media world, particularly outside of the US, who seem to think that the American Army is shooting journalists left, right and center for the fun of it, and they won't be placated, not just until an independent commission in established, but unless such commissions confirms their suspicions.


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