Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday reading 

Don't miss Mohammed at Iraq the Model blogging about the second anniversary of the liberation of Baghdad.

Bill Roggio disentangles fact from fiction about the recent Al Qaeda attack on Abu Ghraib prison.

Barcepundit wonders whether Spain has sold WMD ingredients to Venezuela.

Polipundit writes about the growing dangers of blogging: "You can no longer safely assume that people in your offline life won't find out about your online blog."

Regime Change Iran notes there were 1500 anti-government protests in Iran over the last twelve months.

Students at Harvard are supporting Larry Summers at Viva Summers!

Don't miss the update on Sudan Mercy Project.

No Pasaran! notes that some in the MSM have had it for Tony Blair for a quite some time - well before Iraq.

Quillnews looks at the maneuvering underway by the US, India, Australia and East Asian countries to deal with the facts of life posed by the size and emergence of China.

Speaking of China, Bizblogger writes that the death of John Paul II reminds us that China is still a communist country.

Macam-Macam notes that the Malaysian Prime Minister is buying into the "root causes of terrorism" argument.

No Speedbumps argues that it's time enough to fix the Southern border.

And on a related topic, Carpe Bonum is amazed that you still don't need a passport to enter the United States.


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