Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunnis change their mind 

Our special correspondent Haider Ajina reports:
"The following is a translation of a headline and article in the April 23rd Edition of the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Nahrain:

" 'Iraqi Sunni Accord confirms that Sunnis will participate in the next elections'

" 'Adnan Mohamed Selman president of the Iraqi Sunni Accord confirmed that Iraqi Arab Sunnis will participate in the next elections. This was backed up by Nasier Alaani, a leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party (a Sunni party) who said that it is of utmost importance that all Iraqis of all factions participate in the writing of the constitution'."
Haider comments:
"Those Sunni leaders who called for the boycott of the Iraqi elections have realize the error of their ways and the damage they did to them selves, their followers and Iraq as a whole. These same leaders are now joining the river of democracy, which quenches the Iraqi peoples thirst for freedom and security. They realize that terrorism and supporting terrorism is not the way.

"It is sad that we do not see this kind of news reported in our mainstream media."
That's two major Sunni parties apparently making a conversion to democracy.

By the way, my post earlier in the week about a new opinion poll in Iraq generated some controversy, both from interested readers and moonbats, who queried whether Haider was really talking about an internet poll conducted by "Almindhar" newspaper. Not so, Haider tells me, the poll is real and has been published in the news section of the Arabic version of the paper. It appears that an internet poll which was asking a somewhat similar question was an afterthought by the editors, appearing a day later. So sorry to disappoint all the anti-democracy activists - this is still a good news.


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