Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Taliban go soft 

The award for the most lukewarm and ambiguous reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II goes to...

the Taliban:

"Leaders of the Taleban insurgency in Afghanistan sent a message from their hiding place on Sunday, calling on Pope John Paul's successor to use his influence to stop what the Taleban called the persecution of Muslims.

"A Taleban spokesman told Reuters news agency the insurgency felt neither grief nor joy over the pope's death, but believed some the pontiff's message of peace and harmony was worth considering. The spokesman also said many of the pope's followers want peace, but many others are still committing excesses against Muslims."
Taliban: not as nasty as Christopher Hitchens, not as adulatory as Charles Krauthammer. On the scale of public reactions to the Pope's death it puts the Afghan Islamofascists very comfortable in the same league as the "Washington Post" and slightly above the "New York Times" - at least Mullah Omar didn't have to struggle too much to find "some quote from supporter" for the filler.


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