Sunday, April 24, 2005

UN Commission on Human Rights caves in to China 

This seems almost unbelievable.

Rev Bob Fu, the head of China Aid Association, an organisation which advocates for persecuted Christians in China, has been invited recently by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, General Assembly on Religious Intolerance, to testify about the oppression of the non-approved churches by Beijing. This is what happened at the hearing (link in Word):
"During his speech on April 5, 2005, with previous agreement from both the Commission secretary office and the UN security guards, Rev. Bob Fu displays and demonstrates an electric-shock baton smuggled out of China recently [pictured here]. It was made in China used by the Chinese police and interrogators to torture victims of religious victims. However, the Chinese delegate immediately registers a complaint to UNCHR that the electric baton made them 'feel threatened'. Then Both Rev. Bob Fu’s UN badge and the electric baton were taken away by the UN security officials without giving any explanation. Rev. Fu was ordered to leave the UN complex immediately. At the same time, according to those who were present there, for about an hour, China uses the plenary floor attacking A Woman’s Voice International and threatening to shut up all the NGOs. China demands apology from AWVI and Bob Fu."
I don't know what is sadder and more ironic; the fact that the representatives of the regime are feeling threatened by their own instruments; or that the UNCHR gave in to China but would never consider doing the same to the United States if the hearings were about, say, the Abu Ghraib abuse and the Iraqi witness was holding up a cable with fake electrodes or a leash.

(hat tip: Matthew from Washington)


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