Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wednesday reading - the Pope and the revolutions 

Two themes have emerged over the past few days, in my inbox and elsewhere...

The Pope

Against the Grain rounds up some of
the best commentary on John Paul II, as well as the recent writings of George Weigel, the Pope's best biographer.

Don't miss this long post by
Hugh Hewitt - I can't summarize it in a few words.

Democracy Project has two interesting posts - Winfield Myers writes that today's academics and their media cheerleaders have
little concept of truth - no wonder they could never understand John Paul, and argues that the Pope had much in common with St. Thomas More.

Ninme reflects on the media trend to pin the blame for sex abuse scandals on the Pope.

On a lighter note, Dean Esmay recommends
the world's first Jewish Pope. Hmmm, I think St Peter already took that distinction. Seriously though, France's Cardinal Lustiger is Jewish - and the idea has been suggested before.

The revolutions:

Spirit of America needs your help - the team is now in Lebanon, helping the opposition's very own tent city. "100% of all donations go directly to the things that will help the pro-democracy demonstrators."

Michael Totten is now
blogging live from Beirut. Don't miss it.

Also from Lebanon, Ya Libnan wonders
where is the outrage at the latest bombing campaign throughout the country.

Sophist Pundit starts his worthwhile project -
Carnival of Revolutions. I've been pretty slack with contributing so far, but it should really take off.

Remember to check out
Regime Change Iran's daily briefing, including the news that the mullahs aren't too kind about the Pope (apparently he had been too nice to the Jews).

And Polipundit notes that
an Al Jazeera cartoonist has now embraced democracy.

But also don't miss these stories:

Ali, the Free Iraqi, comments about the
UN corruption in Iraq.

Sophie Masson writes about
the impact of new media, including blogs.

Powerline looks at this year's
Pulitzer Prize winners and is not impressed. Blackhawk isn't either and he's got a lot of better suggestions. Michelle Malkin has more.

I haven't blogged about it but a few days ago, nine Australian servicemen and women died in a helicopter crash while providing assistance to the victims of Indonesia's latest earthquake. El Capitan at Dude, Where's the Beach?
pays tribute.

Pundit Guy observes the Science Guy
turning into the Activist Guy.

The Word Unheard presents this week's Fisker's Whiskers - the round-up of, well,
the best fiskings given to the mainstream media by bloggers.

The Astute Blogger scorns the idea of Schiavo-related
GOP crack-up.

And at Quillnews, R. Thomas Collins, an old oil hand himself,
analyzes the latest oil price spike.


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