Wednesday, May 04, 2005

AFP strikes again 

Almost as good as the first time, another Agence France-Presse story summarizing the day's violence in Iraq is titled:

Iraqi official, 26 others killed in fresh violence
Again, reading the article, you realize that of those 26 killed, 13 were insurgents - 12 who died in a fire-fight with American and Iraqi forces at a checkpoint in Ramadi, and one who died north of Baghdad when a roadside bomb he was placing blew up prematurely.

This is not to minimize the daily carnage inflicted on Iraqis by the neo-Baathist insurgents and Al Zarqawi's terrorists, but to show that it is not as one-sided as one can get the impression from following the media coverage. The difference is that while the enemies of the new Iraq kill more, the Coalition and Iraqi authorities detain more. In addition to the above incidents, I had a look at a few stories I could lay my hands on and quickly counted 62 insurgents arrested and 12 killed over the last three days.


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