Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy May Day 

Happy May Day everyone - I hope you will all down tools and have a relaxing day. My word association with "May Day" is somewhat jaded by the childhood memories of compulsory rallies and marches under fluttering red banners, past the stands bursting with communist dignitaries (or "representatives of the working class", as in "the working class drinks champagne and eats caviar through the mouths of its representatives") adorned with slogans about the victories of socialism and dangers of capitalism - but hey, in principle there is nothing wrong with celebrating the hard work of not just the blue collar but all gainfully employed people. Workers of the world, unite, and have a day off.

In the past, we haven't had an Employer Day, probably because the people who came up with May Day thought that every day was an Employer Day. However, the days are long gone (although many on the left, not surprisingly, haven't moved with the times) of the caricatured robber barons of capitalism with their top hats, monocles, and smoldering cigars. Most employers nowadays are pretty small operators, struggling under the burden of overregulation and government meddling. Those people, whose hard work, determination, ingenuity and entrepreneurship create jobs and opportunities for many others in our society surely deserve their own day of celebration just as much as the workers.

Update: How the mighty have fallen; just reading about a May Day rally in Warsaw, which was disrupted by another left-wing rally. Only some 600 people in total.


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