Monday, May 09, 2005

Hello ABC 

Welcome to any new readers visiting after the "Media Watch" story on the ABC tonight (the Australian, not American). If you want to see what the whole fuss is about, just scroll down to the latest installment of "Good news from Iraq", published today by "The Opinion Journal" - yes, it's part of "The Wall Street Journal" publishing.

Update: For all those who are wondering what the whole fuss was about (particularly if you're not from Australia), here's the transcript.

And thanks to Tim Blair for the valiant defence of yours truly and blogging as he fisks the "Media Watch":

You’ll note that throughout this attack Media Watch hasn’t once sought to challenge any of Chrenkoff’s Good News. It simply aims to bring down Chrenkoff, a conservative whose views aren’t acceptable to Media Watch. As reader Cheesie writes: “Privatise the ABC. Right now. Even better, force it to work on Chrenkoff’s budget and see how far they get.”


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