Friday, May 13, 2005

Hello "NYT" 

For the regular readers, check out a little “op-chart” by yours truly in today’s “"New York Times"”, available here electronically (or access it from the main page) as well as in the dead tree, printed edition.

For any new readers that might visit this blog by way of “"The New York Times"”, welcome to my medley of Polish-Australian-American news and views. Please have a look around -– I hope you’'ll find it interesting and will come back.

For the latest (Monday’s) full edition of my fortnightly “"Good news from Iraq"” segment, scroll down, or click here. For the latest (Monday, 2 May) full edition of my monthly "“Good news from Afghanistan"” segment, click here.

By way of a very brief explanation, the idea behind both series is not to deny or downplay the bad things and challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan (God knows, there are plenty of those), but to compile in one convenient location some of the stories about positive developments taking place over there, which all too often do not get reported in the mainstream media, or if they do, get lost among all the negativity.

Everyone has a right to make their own judgment about what'’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you need to hear both sides of the story to make that judgment an informed one. Enjoy.


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