Friday, May 27, 2005

Hero returns 

Scum floats to the top again:
Maverick British lawmaker George Galloway, who captured headlines this month during a fiery Senate appearance, plans on continuing his anti-war theme during a summer speaking tour of the United States...

"As Oscar Wilde said, sometimes the most bitter trials turn out to be blessings in disguise," Galloway said Thursday. "In America, people pay huge sums of money to hear you speak."

Galloway said his talks would focus on America "and the way in which the United States has dragged us into disaster."
Ironically, this champion of the working class sees nothing ironic in being paid "huge sums of money" for his speaking tour. I hope that the money will go to Iraqi orphans.

If I already did not have reasons to intensely dislike Galloway for his disgusting commitment to keeping Saddam in power indefinitely, this would have been the clincher: Gorgeous George has confessed once that the day the Soviet Union collapsed was "the saddest day" of his life.

Now, if somebody prominent had ever said that the day the Third Reich collapsed was the saddest day of their life, he or she would be finished in public life, ostricized, ridiculed and kicked out of town. The fact that for so many Galloway continues to be a moral compass and a courageous hero that speaks truth to power really tells you everything you need to know about large sections of today's left.


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