Friday, May 20, 2005

"If this is how liberals support the troops, then could they please f*cking STOP already?" 

An American serviceman serving overseas emails me in the aftermath of the Korangate (or is it Toiletgate?) and the latest scoop by "The New York Times" about the abuse at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan:
No wonder the rest of the world thinks we’'re the evil ones. We're the ones telling them we are, over and over again. How about a story where the Army Major carries a dying Iraqi kid in his arms, visibly distraught at the carnage those bastards lay on little kids every day? How about a power plant coming on line, or kids going to a new school, or a market with free people shopping, or the 30 attacks that DIDN’'T go off because of the other 99% of interrogations that went according to plan? Nope, it's just those evil, war-mongering, blood-for-oil soldiers, doing what "everybody knows" they do when no one's looking. With the "news" coming out of Iraq 100% bad, there's no reason to expect anyone who relies on the media for information to have any positive thoughts on the effort there, no matter what their political standing. Even my family back home is starting to think it's a Vietnam-style "quagmire". Al-Qaeda couldn't get better PR service if they paid for it, and the media are providing gladly and free-of-charge!

If this is how liberals support the troops, then could they please f*cking STOP already? Don't tell those of us in the military you "support the troops", and then spend 110% of your time and print space breaking your necks to paint us all as bloodthirsty criminals because of the acts of a few – all as a thinly-disguised way to grind a political axe with a President with which 90% of the media has a deeply personal beef. It isn't fooling anybody – especially "the troops". We're perfectly aware that, to the media, we are expendable pawns in a political chess game, and we resent the hell out the very real damage they do to us every single day. And they wonder why the military votes overwhelmingly Republican as a block? Give me a break!
This is Army Major Mark Bieger:

You won't be seeing it too much in the media because I'm sure some new photos of abuse will show up pretty soon.

As Elisabeth Bumiller of "The New York Times" said to Scott McClellan at the White House press conference: "Are you asking them ["Newsweek"] to write a story about how great the American military is; is that what you're saying here?"

Not asking; just hoping, once in a while.


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