Thursday, May 26, 2005

In Iraq, efforts to report news fuel rage, fear 

...among readers back home.

Knight Ridder news service in search of more adjectives:
In Iraq, efforts to catch militants fuel rage, fear
And the story goes:
Thousands of U.S. and Iraqi soldiers poured through Baghdad on Monday, detaining suspected insurgents in house-to-house searches and finding $6 million in $100 bills, the preferred currency for paying insurgent hit men and bomb-makers.

At least 285 suspected insurgents had been detained since Sunday. Bystanders were also apparently caught up in the dragnet, however.

Some Iraqis said that while Operation Squeeze Play took some insurgents off the streets, it angered moderate Iraqis while giving insurgents a friendlier environment in which to carry out attacks.
But how about the efforts to catch militants fueling relief or hope? Tom Lasseter was unable to find anyone to interview who was happy that the Iraqi and the American forces are catching insurgents, despite poll after poll showing that an overwhelming majority of Iraqis do not support the insurgency and terrorism, and are supportive of their security forces, their government, and the efforts to crush the insurgency and end the violence.

Oh well.


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