Thursday, May 05, 2005

Live from Basra 

A good friend of this blog, Steven Vincent, the author of "In the Red Zone: A Journey into the Soul of Iraq", is back in Iraq and blogging from Basra. As Steven's local friend tells him:

In Basra, conditions are different than up north. In Baghdad, it is all explosions, insurgents, terrorists. Here, life is in flux, the very fabric of our existence is changing. We see it happening all around us, but we don't know what direction it will take. Everything is so amorphous, uncertain and unpredictable.
And as Steven writes, "Which is why I'm here, I told her. And hopefully can stay to report on some of these issues. More--insha'allah-- to come." Make sure to drop by once in a while and check on his progress.

Speaking of Steven's book, here's an offer from his publisher:

Every tenth person who emails us through the Red Zone blog will receive one free copy of "In the Red Zone". One email per person, please. This offer ends at noon, CDT, on Saturday, May 7, or when we reach 100 free copies, whichever comes first.
Highly recommended.


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