Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday reading 

Bill Roggio argues that the Al Qaeda structure in Iraq is being dismantled.

Chester interviews Andrew Bacevich, the author of "The New American Militarism".

Transatlantic Intelligencer: guess who the EU wants to put up as the head of the World Trade Organisation?

Ninme has a new favorite politician - the president of Latvia.

At State of Flux, Minh-Duc, a refugee from communism, blogs about Yalta and Saigon, little people caught in the clash of giants, and why Bush's trip to Latvia is making American leftie intellectuals see red (so to speak) - recommended.

Bohemian Conservative looks at the impact of the Muslim vote in the British election.

Fausta notes that Hugo Chavez is planning to start his own version of Al Jazeera.

Crossroads Arabia looks at the Saudi war on terror, two years on.

No Pasaran blogs about the new French anti-globalization video game.

Regime Change Iran writes that the mullahs are actually worried about a low election day turnout.

Speaking of Iran, Dude, Where's the Beach? has some thoughts about Europe's latest stern warnings to the rouge regime.

Clayton Cramer: cars are like guns.

Big Cat Chronicles has interesting series about oil: are we running out, why we should care about the Mid East, and proven versus probable reserves.

Please also say hello to three blogs I haven't linked to before: in Iraq, J.D. Johannes is currently in Iraq embedded with his former Marine Unit and tells their story, also in Iraq, Dadmanly milblogs about war and politic, and back in the states the Conservative Intelligencia is just starting up to please encourage him.


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