Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday reading 

First off, please welcome a new blog - Media Slander - it will monitor the mainstream media's misbehaviors, particularly regarding the military, and is a fine group effort by many talented bloggers you're probably familiar with, including Bill Roggio, Blackfive, La Shawn Barber, Winds of Change, and many, many others. Blogroll it.

Roger Simon asks what's fair and balanced?

Dean Esmay on Star Wars III: all is forgiven.

Greyhawk notes a milblogger running for Congress.

Polipundit looks at how opinion polls play with numbers.

Transatlantic Intelligencer notes that courageous Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali (under 24 hour police protection from Islamofascists) has broken away from the left.

Dadmanly writes to the media from Iraq: you don't support us.

Quillnews notes that an NBC drama takes a cheap shot at the military - just before the Memorial Day.

Speaking of Memorial Day - State of Flux asks that we think more about the armor for our troops in Iraq. And speaking of helping our troops - Blackfive gives you a few ideas.

Israellycool is now podcasting.

Spirit of America blog updates on some of their projects in Iraq and Lebanon.

Bohemian Conservative: Global values? WTF?

Tom Gara thinks the First Lady didn't do anyone any favors by commenting on Egyptian politics. Iraq the Model is similarly unimpressed with recent Egyptian reforms.

And why not visit some blogs that haven't appeared before at Chrenkoff: A Republic, Madam, If You Can Keep It (by Steven Donhue, "a full-time student at the University of Illinois in the People's Republic of Champaign-Urbana... [and] also a Former Democrat suffering from severe cognitive dissonance"), The Blogging Tories (self-explanatory - our fighting brethren from Canada); and Dreams Into Lightning ("Missing an opportunity to keep quiet").


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