Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday reading 

A lot of very interesting stuff out there for you to sample:

Tim Blair tries to find a bar in Bahrain.

Powerline takes on Mario Cuomo.

Little Green Footballs offer more evidence of Google madness.

Roger Simon keeps following the food for oil debacle.

Greyhawk notes the frequent appearances of weasel words in the "NYT" coverage of Iraq.

Dean Esmay has his own thoughts on the anniversary of the fall of Saigon.

Iraq the Model reports on the meeting of the National Assembly.

Ali answers his readers' questions at Free Iraqi.

Bill Roggio: "Afghanistan, once graveyard of the Soviet Union’s Red Army, has become the burial ground of the idealistic, barbaric movement of the Taliban."

John Hawkins interviews Byron York.

Pundit Guy notes two more out of touch celebrity environmentalists.

Not a post, but a document (in PDF), the Project for New American Century's "Iraq: Setting the Record Straight" - focuses on the question of WMDs and what really happened in Iraq.

Chester asks whether the blogosphere can help with a digital coup in Iran.

John Rosenthal writes about the need to put socialism back in National Socialism.

Publius Pundit reports on two interesting meeting that have taken place in Latin America recently - both you might have missed - the Community of Democracies meet in Santiago, Chile, and a Castro and Chavez plus other socialist guerilla types summit in Havana to form an "anti-free trade alliance".

No Pasaran reports that the French military has discovered the reason for America's failure in Iraq - Protestantism.

No Speedbumps has his own detailed Social Security reform proposal.

Word Unheard presents his weekly fisking awards.

Quillnews writes about Bush 43 and Abudllah: what the camera missed.

The Blue State Conservative notes that Los Angeles is now part of Mexico.

Americans for Freedom focuses on Belarus.


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