Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday reading 

If you're a military reader, Lorie from Polipundit needs your help to fisk conscientious objector Aidan Delgado.

Chester asks: does nuclear pre-emption still work?

Bill Roggio analyzes the recent letter of complaint to Al Zarqawi.

At Right Wing News, find out the favorite columnists of right-wing and left-wing bloggers.

At NRO, Jim Robbins takes a more serious look that yours truly at terrorist "before and after" shots.

911 Families for America has a very interesting post about a major loophole in the current ID and security regime.

Speaking of homeland security, the Word Unheard notes the two recent arrests in connection to NY bridges.

Decision 08 notes the dangers of electing a teenager to chair Amnesty International.

Democracy Project brings you a sad story of a veteran teacher fired for marking down a football player who slept through class.

Fausta notes that Venezuela is now well on its way to Communist ruin.

Regime Change Iran reminds us about former Iranian President Rafsanjani has a worrying record.

Check out the new and improved Ya Libnan, which went from a bloggy-type set-up to your one stop shop for all the news and views about Lebanon.

Thinking Democrat thinks there is an underplayed scandal angle to the Bolton confirmation battle.

Cavalry Charge notes Hillary Clinton's latest foray into Ohio.


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