Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday reading 

In light of the Newsweek debacle, Chester has created a new open-source analysis policy for his blog.

Donald Sensing blogs about bombing of Dresden - was it an unjustified slaughter?

The Blue State Conservatives write that "Newsweek" can redeem itself through just one issue of "GoodNewsweek".

Crossroads Arabia has another perspective on the "Newsweek" controversy.

Transatlantic Intelligencer blogs about Schadenfreude and Realpolitik: France and Iraqi violence.

The Polish Immigrant has a question for the peace-mongers.

Regime Change Iran notes that the mullahs might be losing the support of their economic backers.

All things to all people - Pundit Guy sees the new "Star Wars" as a message to the Catholic Church.

All Things Conservative asks if the Syrians have been fighting against the US forces in the west of Iraq.

Ethiopundit has been following the recent election in Ethiopia and is not impressed.

Decision 08 and Quillnews respond to the PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi commencement speech controversy.

Bethlam Chronicles: "Political debate should be larger than a simple right breast or left breast solution."

Considerettes is blogging about the NCAA's proposed ban on Indian-related mascots for its teams.

And please welcome Notes from s Surreal Life, a new blog by Hoelun of the Olknut, coming to you live from Afghanistan.


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