Saturday, May 28, 2005

Written in blood 

Our special correspondent Haider Ajina offers his perspective on one case of real Koran desecration:
During the ninth Popular Islamic Congress hosted by Saddam in Baghdad in September of 1999. Saddam boasted and showed off a Koran that he wrote in blood and was given praise and admiration (by that same congress) for doing so. He also handed out large amounts of money to the attendees at this congress (oil for food money I suppose). Most of whom were terrorist or terror enticing or terror sponsoring Islamofascists, hijackers of Islam.

Here is the hypocrisy. In Islam exposed blood is considered dirty or defiled. For Saddam to write the Koran in blood is the ultimate insult, sacrilege and heresy. He has defiled the word of God by writing it in blood. All who attended this congress know this but they did not call for demonstrations, riots. They took their money kissed Saddam's feet and went on with their crimson sermons enticing Muslims to hate other Muslims who do not agree with them, hate Jews and Christians and any one who does not subscribe to their version of Islam.

It was an Arab Muslim (Saddam) who defiled the Koran and was praised and admired for it. When Newsweek runs a bogus story and retracts it, the same people who praised Saddam for defiling the Koran called for demonstrations, revenge, caused the killing of over a dozen Muslims. When will we Muslims realize that our own worst enemy are most of our leaders, not Christians, not Jews, not democracy not freedom.
The September 1999 congress, by the way, is the same event that Iraq's former PM Allawi has recently claimed was attended by, among others, Al Qaeda's number 2, Al-Zawahiri (under a false name but on the official invitation). Not only did Saddam's desecration of Koran did not elicit any response from the Islamic world in general (some 150 influential Islamic figures from 50 Muslim countries were present, according to Allawi), but not even a yelp from the attending Islamofascists who are always the first to stir up trouble against infidel blasphemers. Just call them the Axis of Sacrilege. And hypocrisy.


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