Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy drafting 

Our special correspondent Haider Ajina reports on some more good news from Iraq:
The following is a translation of a headline and article in the June 21st edition of the Iraqi Arabic newspaper "Alsabah":

Iraq's Constitution is 80% complete

The president of the Iraqi constitutional committee Mr. Humam Hamudi announced that the constitutional committee has completed 80% of the Iraqi constitution and is determined to complete its mission before August 15th. He added that the committee meets daily to take advantage of the wide Arab Sunni participation. Jawad Alamleki (a Sunni member of the committee) said that constitution will emerge with strong Iraqi personality and there are no serious disagreements in dissertation over its contents.
The last 20% will undoubtedly prove to be more difficult than the first 80%, but it's encouraging to see this - under-reported - progress. Best of luck to the drafting committee.


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