Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday follow-ups and links 

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The controversy over the left's attempts to hijack the World Trade Center memorial continues. For the latest, check out the Take Back the Memorial blog, as well the website of 9/11 Families for America, where Tim Sumner is keeping a close eye on the developments.

A few days ago Howard Dean described the Republicans as the party of homogeneous white Christians. Considerettes and All Things Conservative fisk the DNC Chairman.

Chester looks at Zimbabwe through the prism of the Kitty Genovese incident.

Transatlantic Intelligencer asks what is a senior UN official doing cozying up to a bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

GeoPolitical Review blogs about the origins of German opposition to death penalty - you'll be surprised.

Quillnews in blogging on Osama's Lesson Number 18 (and parts two and three).

No Speedbumps thinks that our policy towards Cuba is all wrong.

Big Cat Chronicles discovers that leftist agendas have even managed to invade teaching maths.


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