Saturday, June 11, 2005

My heart bleeds, part 467 

Issam Ghazzawi, a spokesperson for Saddam's legal team, is playing the world's smallest violin on behalf of his client:
Ghazzawi said recent pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underwear that appeared in the British Sun newspaper showed that the former Iraqi leader's basic human rights were being violated.

"You see that his rights are violated as a human being, not only as a president," Ghazzawi said.

"He's not treated well in the prison regarding to his status as prisoner of war and president of Iraq."
That's ex-president of Iraq, Mr Ghazzawi, in case you missed the events of the past two years, and all things considered, soon to be an ex-human being. Saddam, just like everyone else, deserves a fair trial, but it's one of those rare cases in the history of justice where the final verdict is beyond doubt right from the start. Saddam should enjoy being able to parade around in his underwear while he still can.


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