Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My heart bleeds, part 469 

(or the continuing saga of Saddam's imprisonment and trial)

This is so much more important than the whole Michael Jackson thing - here we have a bizarre celebrity accused of molesting the whole region for twenty five years. So far, no proceedings yet, only some short interrogation footage (no dog leashes, stress positions or Christina Aguilera, though). But has everyone been watching the same video?

Stroking his beard, Saddam Hussein appeared relaxed and confident as a judge questioned him about the killings of dozens of Shi'ite villagers, a case Iraq's government may believe could lead to a swift trial.

In a film released overnight by the Iraqi Special Tribunal that will try him on charges of crimes against humanity, the former Iraqi president was not audible but he seemed defiant, staring intensely at the judge.
The New York Times:
The Iraqi court trying Saddam Hussein and his top aides released a videotape on Monday showing a subdued, contemplative and seemingly compliant Mr. Hussein being questioned Sunday about mass executions ordered after he had survived an assassination attempt in 1982.

The two-minute recording, without sound, appeared to show a strikingly different Mr. Hussein than the defiant figure whose only court appearance, last July, featured lengthy self-justifications and mockery for the judge, Raid Juhi, 35.
A brief excerpt from the 2 minute video is available with the NYT story. All I can say about the new defiant-non defiant Saddam, is that his longish curls make him look an aged Levantine dandy from some sleazy nightclub in Beirut.

A Queer Eye for the Ex-dictator guy?


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