Friday, June 03, 2005

Mystery of the day 

Writes BBC's Tom Geoghegan:
Mark Felt's admission that he was Watergate's Deep Throat has solved one of the world's great mysteries, hitherto known only to a handful of people. But there are plenty of other secrets out there.
And he offers a list of "10 things we still don't know." Some of them are genuine whodunits, like "what happened to Jimmy Hoffa" or "was Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone", others have so far failed to catch the imagination of many people outside Great Britain - and even there probably not many (what sort of deal Tony Blair and Gordon Brown made in 1994, what happened to Lord Lucan, who is the Minstead rapist, what happened to a body of a famous racehorse Shergar). "Is there God?" or "What's the meaning of life?" don't figure on the list, having missed out to the secret of the formula for Coca-Cola or the question of which major character dies in the next Harry Potter book.

As I've written before, personally I would like to find out the whole truth behind the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981. But there are many other mysteries, like:

Are aliens really visiting the Earth, and if so, should we amnesty them and give them vote?

If Mary Magdalene married Dan Brown instead, would we have been spared "Da Vinci Code"?

Who actually runs the world: the rich, the Jews, Freemasons, Illuminati, the CIA, or the Jesuits?

Are the Democrats capable of nominating a candidate who's credible on national security?

Will there ever be a time again when 8 out of 10 songs on the Top 10 are not rap, R&B or soul?

Feel free to drop a line in the comments what other great mysteries of life and universe you would like to see revealed.


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